Solutions: MSP Leverages CloudCommand Wi-Fi for Efficiency & Remote Management

Consult Supply Support (CSS) of northern California is a high-touch, full-services IT solution provider catering to private resorts SMBs, medical offices, financial firms and individuals.

CloudCommand-powered Wi-Fi proved the ideal Wi-Fi solution for CSS to monitor and manage nearly a dozen customer sites in real time, including one customer network with nodes in both California and Mexico and another customer with a network that spans the Pacific Ocean between California and Hawaii.

CSS leverages OPEN Networks powered by CloudCommand for its efficiency, visibility and ease of use. Troubleshooting is handled remotely in real time. The managed Wi-Fi solution is bundled as part of a full-services package that focuses on comprehensive support.

Solution Provider Benefits

  • Great Visibility: Delivers real-time monitoring to multiple to networks simultaneously.
  • Scope: Manages nearly a dozen customer sites spanning two countries and across an ocean.
  • Real-Time Response: Empowers provider to adjust and manage networks remotely.
  • Future: As CSS gains new clients, it will continue to expand its cloud-managed Wi-Fi services.

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Solutions: MSP Discovers New Line of Managed Wi-Fi Services for Hospitality

FastLane Tek, a Silicon Valley-based MSP, discovered OPEN Networks when a hospitality customer needed a Wi-Fi upgrade to 802.11n.

The solution was purchased for affordability and range, but quickly emerged as powerful tool in the MSP’s broad services strategy.

“The efficiency OPEN Networks creates by freeing up our time while also making us money is outstanding,” said President Sergey Mariniuk.

For a flat monthly service fee of several hundred dollars, FastLane monitors the busy 150-room hotel’s network remotely from another city.

The result?  Wi-Fi connectivity has moved from the hotel’s No. 1 customer complaint to a top amenity. Management is thrilled.

The experience was so successful that FastLane deployed OPEN Networks into additional hospitality environments. It charges flat management fees. It expects its managed Wi-Fi business to double this year.

“Wi-Fi became part of our services package quite easily,” said Mariniuk.  “Our learning curve was fast and our customers are very satisfied.  We offer CloudCommand-powered Wi-Fi as an option to all our clients.”

Solution Provider Benefits

  • Great Product: Delivers exceptional Wi-Fi to hospitality.
  • Scope: Deploys into multiple hospitality sites across Silicon Valley.
  • Steady Profits: Generates recurring revenue managing whole networks for a flat rate.
  • Future: Expects to double its managed Wi-Fi business this year.

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Great Solutions: Superior Wi-Fi for Assisted-Living Healthcare Facilities throughout California

With 18 facilities and 1,900 beds throughout California, Generations Healthcare is one of the largest providers of assisted-living services in the United States.

Its CloudCommand-powered network provides outstanding Wi-Fi to more than 1,300 wireless devices used by hundreds of staff and visitors connecting 24×7.

“CloudCommand enables us to remotely manage a single Wi-Fi network that operates in 18 locations from San Diego to north of San Francisco,” said IT Administrator Pat Cosby. “We monitor activity in real time and troubleshoot problems from our desks.  Most of our facilities have no on-site IT support, making this kind of management critical.  CloudCommand provides a tremendous service at an unbeatable price.”

Generations Healthcare provides a protected primary network for staff.  Visitors and patients access the Internet via a separate guest network.  Network administrators track devices individually and can make network-wide modifications with the click of a mouse button.  Alternately, they can adjust settings at  individual sites and even add/remove individual users.

Generations Healthcare leverages the CloudCommand-powered platform through D-Link’s popular DAP-2555 AirPremier wireless acces point.

D-Link offers a full suite of cloud-managed Wi-Fi products powered by CloudCommand, including the DAP-2555, the DAP-3525 Outdoor AP and the DAP-2565 Plenum AP.

Solution at a Glance

  • 70 access points provide robust connectivity to staff and visitors.
  • 18 facilities successfully use a single network that spans nearly 500 miles.
  • More than 1,300 connecting destaff and visitors connect to the primary and hotspot networks.
  • The administrator efficiently manages the entire network from anywhere by logging into the browser-based CloudCommand dashboard.
  • Business-grade features enable the administrator to track connecting devices, monitor network traffic and edit or update access points on an individual basis.
  • The network delivers real-time SMS alerts notify the administrator to issues occurring anywhere on the network.

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