CloudCommand 2.0: Hotspot

CloudCommand 2.0 provides the industry’s only fully customizable hotspot right out of the box.

Are you a medical clinic needing a waiting-room guest network?  Or a hotel seeking to generate revenue through Wi-Fi?  For every type of connectivity scenario, CloudCommand Hotspot has your solution.

CloudCommand Hotspot Features

  •  Guest Network with Client Isolation, Firewalled Access, Captive Portal Password Protection. A separate Wi-Fi connection for guests provides Internet-only access, keeping your Local Area Network (LAN) secure. No more sharing passphrase means higher security.
  • Customizable Guest Captive Portal. Add branding and custom terms of use to the page used by guests to log into the Hotspot.
  • Customizable Guest Redirect Page. Redirect guest users to your website of choice after they log into the Hotspot.
  • Per-Guest Download/Upload Limits. Define how much total bandwidth a guest user can utilize per each session. Different users can receive different allocations of total bandwidth based on how they are authenticated.
  • Per-Guest Time Access Limits. Define how long a guest user can access the Hotspot network. Different users can be allowed different session durations based on how they are authenticated.
  • Front-Desk Interface for Hotspot Management. A dedicated login role with a dedicated interface can be assigned for guest-services operators in charge of issuing guest passes and monitoring activity.
  • Shared Guest Password Option. A single shared password can be used for common users of the guest network.
  • Individual Pass Option. Individual passes associated with individual time and bandwidth rules can be manually issued for in-person distribution or sent via text message or email.
  • SMS Pass Request for Guest Network. Self-service request of passes can be enabled via SMS.
  • Hotspot Paid Access with Credit-Card Processing. Offer paid access to your hotspot at the click of a button. No hassle, just the revenue. Credit-card processing, authentication, total bandwidth allocation and session duration times are all handled by the CloudCommand system.

View our Hotspot Video.

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