Great Partners: Delivering Business-Grade Wi-Fi Solutions to SMBs

Showcasing Our Partners: D-Link, the end-to-end networking solutions provider for consumers, businesses and MSPs, delivers a suite of CloudCommand-powered Wi-Fi products specifically designed for the connectivity and business needs of SMBs.

Designed for the next generation of Wi-Fi networks, D-Link’s cloud-managed access-point portfolio makes it simple for retail chains, educational institutions, and businesses to create and manage multiple networks and different user types.

Customers and MSPs can quickly and easily set up, secure, and manage wireless networks with multiple access points and locations. Administrators save significant time and resources by managing networks remotely through the cloud.

The CloudCommand-powered AP provides outstanding networking solutions to SMBs throughout the United States and the world.  It’s so successful that it won “Best of Show” at Interop!

Visit D-Link’s CloudCommand site.

D-Link Product Page – Indoor AP

D-Link Product Page – Outdoor AP

D-Link Product Page – Plenum AP

Manage Multiple Customers Remotely in Real Time

Resellers and MSPs!  Build a line of business around managed Wi-Fi:  Visit

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D-Link’s Indoor AP for Business-Grade Wi-Fi for SMBs

D-Link offers an entire suite of cloud-powered access points designed specifically to meet the business needs and budgets of SMBs.

The solution is ideal for environments needing business-grade features like remote management, multi-location networking and enhanced security.   The DAP-2555 indoor access point provides robust connectivity to SMBs throughout the United States and world and won “Best in Show” from Interop.

Check out the great pricing now offered on the DAP-2555 indoor access point at leading retailers:

Solutions: MSP Leverages CloudCommand Wi-Fi for Efficiency & Remote Management

Consult Supply Support (CSS) of northern California is a high-touch, full-services IT solution provider catering to private resorts SMBs, medical offices, financial firms and individuals.

CloudCommand-powered Wi-Fi proved the ideal Wi-Fi solution for CSS to monitor and manage nearly a dozen customer sites in real time, including one customer network with nodes in both California and Mexico and another customer with a network that spans the Pacific Ocean between California and Hawaii.

CSS leverages OPEN Networks powered by CloudCommand for its efficiency, visibility and ease of use. Troubleshooting is handled remotely in real time. The managed Wi-Fi solution is bundled as part of a full-services package that focuses on comprehensive support.

Solution Provider Benefits

  • Great Visibility: Delivers real-time monitoring to multiple to networks simultaneously.
  • Scope: Manages nearly a dozen customer sites spanning two countries and across an ocean.
  • Real-Time Response: Empowers provider to adjust and manage networks remotely.
  • Future: As CSS gains new clients, it will continue to expand its cloud-managed Wi-Fi services.

Try cloud-managed Wi-Fi risk free for 30 days!

CloudCommand’s Remarkable Networking Functionality and Management Control

The CloudCommand platform provides business-grade Wi-Fi management controls that until now only existed in high-priced enterprise solutions.  Check out the amazing features now available!

  1. Manage APs, connect devices and change configurations
  2. View Alerts and Events and set up Alert Notifications
  3. Display detailed Activity Reports for users and APs
  4. View User and Licensing
  5. View Activity Graphs
  6. View devices connected to your guest/hotspot network
  7. View devices connected to your primary wireless network
  8. View APs by status and connected devices
  9. Authorize new device to connect to the network (IDA only)
  10. Register new Access Point on the wireless network
  11. Monitor alerts in real time

Our remarkable usability and powerful functionality makes it easy for MSPs, IT admins and others to operate enterprise-like business networks for a fraction of traditional costs.  No other solution comes close to offering this kind of remarkable functionality and network visibility at a price SMBs can afford.

PowerCloud Is Hiring! Join the NaaS Revolution

Powerfully Simple Networking 

We’re the leading online software platform provider for enabling Networking as a Service (NaaS).  We have a technology called CloudCommand that provides comprehensive cloud capabilities to networking equipment.

solutions.  We’re a 
PARC with some of the brightest minds in technology.  You won’t believe the amazing thing we’re building!

Join our great team!  We have multiple open Engineering positions!  Check out our Careers Page.

Some highlights:

Senior Web Applications Developers

Field and Engineering Support Engineers

Systems Operations Engineers


PowerCloud’s Career Page

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