Great Partners: Delivering Business-Grade Wi-Fi Solutions to SMBs

Showcasing Our Partners: D-Link, the end-to-end networking solutions provider for consumers, businesses and MSPs, delivers a suite of CloudCommand-powered Wi-Fi products specifically designed for the connectivity and business needs of SMBs.

Designed for the next generation of Wi-Fi networks, D-Link’s cloud-managed access-point portfolio makes it simple for retail chains, educational institutions, and businesses to create and manage multiple networks and different user types.

Customers and MSPs can quickly and easily set up, secure, and manage wireless networks with multiple access points and locations. Administrators save significant time and resources by managing networks remotely through the cloud.

The CloudCommand-powered AP provides outstanding networking solutions to SMBs throughout the United States and the world.  It’s so successful that it won “Best of Show” at Interop!

Visit D-Link’s CloudCommand site.

D-Link Product Page – Indoor AP

D-Link Product Page – Outdoor AP

D-Link Product Page – Plenum AP

D-Link’s Indoor AP for Business-Grade Wi-Fi for SMBs

D-Link offers an entire suite of cloud-powered access points designed specifically to meet the business needs and budgets of SMBs.

The solution is ideal for environments needing business-grade features like remote management, multi-location networking and enhanced security.   The DAP-2555 indoor access point provides robust connectivity to SMBs throughout the United States and world and won “Best in Show” from Interop.

Check out the great pricing now offered on the DAP-2555 indoor access point at leading retailers:

Great Solutions: Superior Wi-Fi for Assisted-Living Healthcare Facilities throughout California

With 18 facilities and 1,900 beds throughout California, Generations Healthcare is one of the largest providers of assisted-living services in the United States.

Its CloudCommand-powered network provides outstanding Wi-Fi to more than 1,300 wireless devices used by hundreds of staff and visitors connecting 24×7.

“CloudCommand enables us to remotely manage a single Wi-Fi network that operates in 18 locations from San Diego to north of San Francisco,” said IT Administrator Pat Cosby. “We monitor activity in real time and troubleshoot problems from our desks.  Most of our facilities have no on-site IT support, making this kind of management critical.  CloudCommand provides a tremendous service at an unbeatable price.”

Generations Healthcare provides a protected primary network for staff.  Visitors and patients access the Internet via a separate guest network.  Network administrators track devices individually and can make network-wide modifications with the click of a mouse button.  Alternately, they can adjust settings at  individual sites and even add/remove individual users.

Generations Healthcare leverages the CloudCommand-powered platform through D-Link’s popular DAP-2555 AirPremier wireless acces point.

D-Link offers a full suite of cloud-managed Wi-Fi products powered by CloudCommand, including the DAP-2555, the DAP-3525 Outdoor AP and the DAP-2565 Plenum AP.

Solution at a Glance

  • 70 access points provide robust connectivity to staff and visitors.
  • 18 facilities successfully use a single network that spans nearly 500 miles.
  • More than 1,300 connecting destaff and visitors connect to the primary and hotspot networks.
  • The administrator efficiently manages the entire network from anywhere by logging into the browser-based CloudCommand dashboard.
  • Business-grade features enable the administrator to track connecting devices, monitor network traffic and edit or update access points on an individual basis.
  • The network delivers real-time SMS alerts notify the administrator to issues occurring anywhere on the network.

CloudCommand’s Unbeatable Combination of Features, Usability & Affordability

Our CloudCommand platform delivers the first and only Wi-Fi solution specifically designed to meet the needs and budgets of SMBs and MSPs that support them.

The combination of enterprise-type features, remarkable usability and unprecedented affordability make CloudCommand the preferred networking platform for SMBs, schools, medical offices and hospitality businesses around the United States and world.

Our recent CloudCommand 2.0 release offers even more rich functionality and control.  Some highlights:

Configuration & Updating

  • Self-Configuring Access Points. Self-configuring equipment deploys in minutes instead of hours or days. Simply plug the equipment into a live Ethernet connection with Internet access and in less than three minutes, it is ready for use.
  • Group Configuration, Network-Wide Roaming. Seamlessly configure access points across multiple locations and empower connected users to roam easily with no need to reconfigure devices.
  • Remote Reset and Reboot. Access points can be remotely reset and rebooted to solve basic connectivity problems with no need for on-site presence.
  • Automatic FW Update with Group Updates and Scheduled Updates. All complications related to upgrading the firmware on your access points disappear: when an update is available, it can be pushed it to all access points at the click of a button.


  • Private Network with WPA2-PSK Encryption. A secure Wi-Fi connection enables trusted wireless devices to safely connect to your business Local Area Network (LAN).
  • Enhanced Security with Individual Device Authentication. Patented, two-factor Individual Device Authentication (IDA) technology enables administrators to identify and secure each connected device individually via a self-service process leveraging email or text messaging. Know who is on the network and what their activity levels are.
  • Site Survey & Rogue AP Detection. Learn what other Wi-Fi network are broadcasting near you and use the information to identify access points that may be connected to your network without being authorized before they become security threats. The same information can also be used to optimize your channel selection.


  • Remote Cloud Management. With cloud management, Wi-Fi networks across multiple locations can be monitored and administered in real time through the Internet.
  • Real-Time Alerting. The system can provide real-time SMS or email alerts if critical elements of the system are disrupted.
  • Auto RF Management with Auto TX Power and Auto Channel Selection. Simplified automated management of radio frequency parameters means no need for planning or manual configuration in simple environments.
  • Networks Broadcasting Schedule (Weekly). Select on a daily and weekly basis when your Wi-Fi networks should broadcast, thereby limiting security exposure and unauthorized bandwidth usage.
  • VLAN Tagging. Each SSID can be associated to a VLAN tag for VLAN partitioning. If VLAN tags are used across the Ethernet network, each SSID is independently connected only to the resources associated to the assigned VLAN.
  • Extended Usage Reporting and Graphing (30 days). View upload and download bandwidth usage on your wireless network on a per-connected device and/or access-point basis for up to 30 days. You can use this tool to optimize the placement of your access points based on their actual usage.
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The D-Link DAP-2565 Wireless Access Point Is Seriously Serious

The tech team at highlights our newest CloudCommand-powered networking product, the D-Link DAP-2565.  With the launch of the DAP-2565, D-Link becomes the first OEM vendor to offer a complete CloudCommand portfolio of indoor, outdoor and plenum-rated cloud-managed access points to SMB/SME customers.  Here’s what contributing writer Ray Willington had to say:

Plenum-rated. Networking. Cloud. Small biz. Mix those all together with D-Link, and you’ve got the company’s new DAP-2565 Wi-Fi Access Point, which is designed for indoor plenum deployment in above-ceiling airspace installations. The new Cloud-Managed solution provides small and medium-sized businesses, as well as K-12 and hospitality environments, with a secure, reliable and affordable way to manage their networks.

As a new member of the D-Link Cloud-Managed Access Point family, the DAP-2565 delivers business-grade features at a lower cost than other enterprise solutions, including flexible IEEE 802.11n performance, Power Over Ethernet (PoE) support for installation in areas where power outlets are not readily available, and secure guest access and control privileges for individual users. The DAP-2565 also utilizes CloudCommand, which allows end users and value-added resellers (VARs) and managed service providers (MSPs) to easily and quickly set up, secure and remotely manage high-performance wireless networks with multiple access points through a Cloud portal, saving significant time and resources. In addition, the DAP-2565’s plenum-rated metal chassis meets specific requirements to be flame retardant and have low smoke production for placement in air passageways.

Read the story.

D-Link Expands Its Product Portfolio of CloudCommand-Powered Networking Solutions

D-Link, the worldwide leader in delivering networking connectivity to SMB/SMEs, continues to take the lead in moving its customers into the cloud.

Today, the company released its latest CloudCommand-powered networking device.

With the launch of the new DAP-2565, D-Link becomes the world’s first OEM to offer a complete portfolio of indoor, outdoor and plenum-rated cloud-managed access points to SMB/SME customers.

All three leverage the CloudCommand platform and deliver to SMB/SMEs an unbeatable combination of:

  • Business-grade features
  • Consumer usability
  • Affordability

Also, the three products can be managed simultaneously from the same user-friendly CloudCommand dashboard – a key advantage that highlights the platform’s ease of use.

Today’s milestone underscores the industry’s rapid march toward cloud-managed networking solutions and a model of Networking as a Service (Naas).  Over the next several months, many vendors will add a portfolio of cloud-managed networking products to their lineups and many will do so by leveraging CloudCommand.

Read the release

Analysis: WLAN Management Takes to the Cloud (Part 2)

Earlier, we highlighted an important big-picture analysis about cloud-based Wi-Fi management and its bright future (see Part 1).  Writing in Network World, industry wireless analyst Craig Mathias predicts that cloud management is fast coming to a Wi-Fi network near you:

It would be hard to imagine any showstopper with respects to cloud-based WLAN management.

Mathias reviews a customized version of our CloudCommand technology that is used by D-Link in its suite of cloud-managed access points.  Here’s what he had to say:

Setup is very easy — just plug in the access points, go to the D-Link CloudCommand website, register with contact info, enter UICs for each access point (on a label on the bottom of each), enter SSID, set encryption options and guest access preferences, name the access points and enter their location, review everything and press enter — that’s literally it.

The console of CloudCommand is quite simple, with just a few tabs for a Dashboard snapshot view of settings, status and activity.

An interesting security option is to augment WPA2 with what PowerCloud calls Individual Device Authorization (IDA), a variant on the per-user key theme, in this case delivering credentials out-of-band via text messaging. Individual tokens are entered via the browser, and can be individually revoked as required.

Overall, CloudCommand is a simple but effective management console that would be especially at home in smaller installations.

We anticipate that PowerCloud will be adding new features on a regular basis.


(Pictured: DAP-2555 Indooor AP and the DAP-3525 Outdoor AP)

The review is a powerful indicator that growth in cloud-managed Wi-Fi is poised to explode.  It’s an exciting moment for the networking industry as we enter a paradigm shift.  All networking companies are going to need cloud-managed Wi-Fi products.  There are only a few companies that provide cloud-based Wi-Fi solutions, and only PowerCloud Systems allows existing networking vendors to leverage our technology.

Read the report. (login required)

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