CloudCommand’s Unbeatable Combination of Features, Usability & Affordability

Our CloudCommand platform delivers the first and only Wi-Fi solution specifically designed to meet the needs and budgets of SMBs and MSPs that support them.

The combination of enterprise-type features, remarkable usability and unprecedented affordability make CloudCommand the preferred networking platform for SMBs, schools, medical offices and hospitality businesses around the United States and world.

Our recent CloudCommand 2.0 release offers even more rich functionality and control.  Some highlights:

Configuration & Updating

  • Self-Configuring Access Points. Self-configuring equipment deploys in minutes instead of hours or days. Simply plug the equipment into a live Ethernet connection with Internet access and in less than three minutes, it is ready for use.
  • Group Configuration, Network-Wide Roaming. Seamlessly configure access points across multiple locations and empower connected users to roam easily with no need to reconfigure devices.
  • Remote Reset and Reboot. Access points can be remotely reset and rebooted to solve basic connectivity problems with no need for on-site presence.
  • Automatic FW Update with Group Updates and Scheduled Updates. All complications related to upgrading the firmware on your access points disappear: when an update is available, it can be pushed it to all access points at the click of a button.


  • Private Network with WPA2-PSK Encryption. A secure Wi-Fi connection enables trusted wireless devices to safely connect to your business Local Area Network (LAN).
  • Enhanced Security with Individual Device Authentication. Patented, two-factor Individual Device Authentication (IDA) technology enables administrators to identify and secure each connected device individually via a self-service process leveraging email or text messaging. Know who is on the network and what their activity levels are.
  • Site Survey & Rogue AP Detection. Learn what other Wi-Fi network are broadcasting near you and use the information to identify access points that may be connected to your network without being authorized before they become security threats. The same information can also be used to optimize your channel selection.


  • Remote Cloud Management. With cloud management, Wi-Fi networks across multiple locations can be monitored and administered in real time through the Internet.
  • Real-Time Alerting. The system can provide real-time SMS or email alerts if critical elements of the system are disrupted.
  • Auto RF Management with Auto TX Power and Auto Channel Selection. Simplified automated management of radio frequency parameters means no need for planning or manual configuration in simple environments.
  • Networks Broadcasting Schedule (Weekly). Select on a daily and weekly basis when your Wi-Fi networks should broadcast, thereby limiting security exposure and unauthorized bandwidth usage.
  • VLAN Tagging. Each SSID can be associated to a VLAN tag for VLAN partitioning. If VLAN tags are used across the Ethernet network, each SSID is independently connected only to the resources associated to the assigned VLAN.
  • Extended Usage Reporting and Graphing (30 days). View upload and download bandwidth usage on your wireless network on a per-connected device and/or access-point basis for up to 30 days. You can use this tool to optimize the placement of your access points based on their actual usage.
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EDUCATION Solutions: Forestville Central School District in New York

The Forestville Central School District (FSCD) near Buffalo, NY, relies on a CloudCommand-powered network from Amer Networks to deliver secure Wi-Fi to its student body, staff and administrators.

The district’s 14-unit installation supports several hundred users at multiple locations and provides administrators the tools to manage and monitor connectivity.

Leveraging CloudCommand’s patented Individual Device Authentication (IDA™), Technology Coordinator Murphy individually identifies, secures and monitors every device that accesses his network.  He maintains a separate guest network for public events.  Murphy has assigned additional administrators to the manage the network in case he’s unavailable and he receives real-time alerts when issues arise.

“Every public school district needs to take a serious look at Amer Networks’ CloudCommand-powered solution,” said Murphy.  “It was designed for the budgets and needs of the education market.  It not only delivers excellent Wi-Fi, but gives me multiple tools to manage my network.  We saved money and we got the network we needed.”

Press Release: Amer Announces World’s First Complete Cloud-Managed Wi-Fi Portfolio Tailored to Education Market

Affordable, Easy-to-Manage Wi-Fi Solution Provides Indoor, Outdoor and Extended-Range Options to Schools of All Sizes

TORONTO, Oct. 24, 2011 — Amer Networks, a manufacturer and global distributor of networking, storage and security products, today extends the world’s first cloud-managed Wi-Fi solution designed specifically to meet the connectivity, budgetary, and ease-of-use needs of the education market to include outdoor and extended-range Wi-Fi products.

Amer Networks delivers affordable, business-grade indoor Wi-Fi solutions to school districts and schools throughout North America.  By adding outdoor and extended-range access points to its product portfolio, it now provides complete district- and campus-wide connectivity across indoor classrooms, outdoor playgrounds, public-access sites, sporting fields and all other areas.

CloudCommand™, a customizable online-software platform from PowerCloud™ Systems, powers Amer Networks’ portfolio.  The CloudCommand platform enables solutions that are simple to configure and deploy, remotely manageable, capable of being monitored in real time and able to deliver enhanced security.

Key Facts

  • Amer Networks provides the world’s first complete portfolio of cloud-managed access points to support the indoor, outdoor and extended-range connectivity needs of the education market.
  • The Amer Networks’ portfolio is ideal for K-12 school districts that require reliable Wi-Fi across multiple spaces and features such as enhanced security, event reporting and a secure hotspot.
  • The portfolio expansion builds on the early success of Amer Networks’ cloud-managed indoor access point, which since its launch in 2Q 2011 has become the most successful product in the company’s 15-year history.
  • The Amer Networks’ portfolio leverages CloudCommand, a customizable online software platform developed by PowerCloud Systems that provides comprehensive cloud capabilities.  CloudCommand-powered networks deliver enterprise-class management features but are simple to deploy and easy to administer.
  • Amer Networks’ simple and affordable offering works equally well for cost-conscious businesses seeking managed Wi-Fi solutions, particularly in the retail, hospitality and health care markets.

Key Benefits of Amer Networks Solutions Powered by CloudCommand

  • Deploy and manage complete indoor and outdoor business-grade Wi-Fi networks using a single solution.
    Deploy multiple, self-configuring access points in minutes.
  • Concurrently and remotely configure and manage all access points via a simple browser with no additional hardware.
  • Operate a primary network for staff and teachers and a separate student hotspot network that has customizable usage limits, login screens and auto-scheduling functionality.
  • Automatically secure connecting laptops and other devices with patented Individual Device Authentication (IDA™), a two-factor authentication process.
  • Allow connected users to securely roam across buildings or networks.
  • Respond quickly to real-time alerts about network issues.
  • Monitor network usage, generate reports and review statistics.


Wai Lee, CEO of Amer Networks:

“By expanding our cloud-managed wireless portfolio, Amer Networks demonstrates its commitment to providing campus-wide wireless connectivity and network management to K-12 schools and school districts of every shape and size.  We recognize that digital learning is a critical component of today’s classroom and we offer the best solution on the market for delivering Wi-Fi that is secure, affordable and specifically designed for the school environment.”

Read the release.

First Large-Scale Wi-Fi Deployment Leveraging CloudCommand’s Patented Security Delivers Classroom Connectivity and Network Management to New England School District

Breakthrough Cloud-Managed Wi-Fi Solution Brings Security, Reliability and Affordability to Laconia, NH, Schools

Toronto, Canada and Palo Alto, Calif., September 30, 2011 – Amer Networks, a manufacturer and global distributor of networking, storage and security products, and PowerCloud™ Systems, the leading software platform provider for cloud-managed networking services, today announce that the Laconia School District in Laconia, New Hampshire, has upgraded its wireless network to Amer’s cloud-managed 802.11n wireless solution powered by CloudCommand™.

The new network delivers secure Wi-Fi to Laconia’s entire public-school system and signals the district’s commitment to delivering a 21st century learning environment to its 2,000 students.  The installation additionally demonstrates how Amer’s solution – which combines enterprise-type security and management features with unprecedented affordability – continues to set the standard for powerful, cost-efficient Wi-Fi in the K-12 market.

Key Facts

  • Laconia School District has completed a 76-unit installation of Amer’s cloud-managed Wi-Fi, the WAP223NC access point, into the district’s six schools and superintendent building.  It supports up to 2,500 staff, students and visitors who can access the Internet and private intranet from classrooms, libraries, cafeterias, gymnasiums, preschool and adult learning centers, daycare facilities and administrative offices.
  • The WAP223NC provides extensive coverage, automatic configuration, business-grade features, remote-management capability, multi-site roaming and hotspot functionality.  It is the only Wi-Fi access point designed specifically for the education market and is powered by CloudCommand, a networking platform developed by PowerCloud Systems that radically reduces customers’ total cost of ownership.
  • Laconia’s IT administrators apply the network’s highest security setting – called Individual Device Authentication (IDA) – to restrict connectivity to authorized mobile devices.  The patented IDA offers two-factor security and enables administrators to individually identify and secure hundreds of devices.
  • The district deployed each of Amer’s self-configuring access points in minutes, making setup a simple and quick process which a single IT administrator accomplished in a matter of hours instead of days or weeks.
  • Once the network went live, teachers immediately reported the positive impact it had on classroom instruction, particularly in the preschool and elementary schools, where usage is highest.  In the elementary schools, more than 150 laptops travel daily between classrooms on computer carts and require reliable Wi-Fi at all times.  Most elementary students have frequent access to iPads and netbooks.
  • Amer’s network replaces a collection of independent access points, including Apple’s AirPort Extreme, Cisco 4410 access points and various Linksys models.  The old infrastructure failed to meet the district’s security and monitoring requirements and was unable to keep pace with the proliferation of wireless devices accessing them.
  • Amer’s solution was selected over competitive offerings from Aruba and Aerohive due to its combination of business-grade management features and unbeatable pricing.
  • The network provides visitor hotspot functionality, which Laconia leverages to support events such as evening lectures, conferences, adult education classes and sports activities.  An innovative “front desk” interface allows assistant administrators to manually adjust a user’s connectivity privileges without disrupting the network.
  • Remote-management functionality through the cloud enables three IT administrators to manage the network from anywhere.  In real time, they track network usage, troubleshoot problems and monitor connected devices by location and activity levels.


Jeff Twombly, Laconia School District IT director:
“Amer’s cloud-based solution amazed us with how simple and fast it was to deploy and make operational.  It provides everything a mid-sized school district needs and more – from self-configuring setup to real-time alerts and convenient remote management.  The Amer solution exceeds our requirements and costs less than half of comparable solutions.  It’s the ideal solution for school-based Wi-Fi.”

Wai Lee, CEO of Amer Networks:
“The Laconia School District leads the way when it comes to preparing students for long-term success.  By installing the right technology infrastructure in its schools, it has enhanced teacher instruction and improved the overall learning environment.  We specifically designed our cloud-managed Wi-Fi solution for districts like Laconia, and we’re thrilled with their success.” 

Our CloudCommand technology enables our partner, Amer Networks, to bring cloud-based Wi-Fi networking to school districts throughout North America.

To learn more about Partnering with us, visit our website.

Read the Release.

Article: Connecting to the 21st Century with Cloud-Managed Wi-Fi

A 100-unit installation of a CloudCommand-powered Wi-Fi network received great local coverage in the Sand Mountain Reporter (Ala.).  Our partner, Amer Networks, delivered the solution to the Boaz School District in northeastern Alabama.

Connecting to the 21st Century: Boaz Schools Upgrade to Cloud-Managed Wi-Fi Network conveys the key value propositions of a CloudCommand cloud-managed networking platform:

  1. Business-Grade Features: “I can go in and see if a student is watching a ton of YouTube videos instead of doing his homework,” IT Director Wayne Caudle said. “It’s a fully managed system. I can even manage it through my cellphone.
  2. Consumer Usability: “Students and staff effortlessly connected across campuses and between buildings,” he said. “Teachers can immediately start expanding their lesson plans to make technology a more integral part to their classroom instruction.”
  3. Unprecedented Affordability: Caudle and three assistants installed the new system, saving the school system thousands of dollars. The cost of the network totaled about $30,000. “Amer’s solution costs a fraction of competitive alternatives,” officials said. “(It) was considerably less than an established competitor’s quote to install Wi-Fi in just two locations.”

Read the article.

Article: Remote Management of Wi-Fi Is a Growing Trends for Schools

In school districts around the country, cloud-managed Wi-Fi is fast becoming the affordable alternative to traditional enterprise-class Wi-Fi.  It delivers business-grade features and consumer usability for a fraction of traditional enterprise costs.  For most districts, that combination of great features and unprecedented affordability should make a CloudCommand-powered network the No. 1 networking choice.  It was for the folks in Boaz, AL:

More than 3,000 students and staff throughout the Boaz City School District in Alabama will soon be able to text and browse the net straight from their smartphones and mobile devices. Amer Networks, a networking, storage and security product developer and provider, is helping the school district to roll out the cloud-managed WiFi solution.

First, the nuts and bolts of the deal. Amer Networks will install 100 units of its cloud-managed 802.11n wireless solution –the WAP223NC access point. The access points will be deployed across five schools and two administrative buildings.

Amer Networks is a partner company of PowerCloud Systems, a developer of software platforms for cloud-managed network services. Amer has recently been expanding into the small-to-medium-enterprise (SME) market with a line of software products to improve efficiency and productivity. Here are some of the benefits Amer will deliver to the Boaz City School District:

  • Full campus coverage;
  • Remote management;
  • Enhanced security with Individual Device Authentification (IDA);
  • Ability to establish a single network across multiple locations; and
  • SMS Alerting.

Students texting in class be warned: The Wi-Fi solution also allows school administrators to moderate the network use of individual students. Users will be able to access the network from all classrooms, gyms, libraries, staff offices, parking lots, common areas and cafeterias.

No doubt, WiFi use is a 10-year-old trend in schools and colleges. But remote management of WiFi — via the cloud — seems to be a growing trend among some managed service providers that work with schools.

Additional insights from Joe Panettieri.

Read the article.


Press Release: Delivering Cloud-Based Wi-Fi with Robust Functionality and Unprecedented Affordability to an Entire School District



Amer Networks’ Cloud-Managed Wi-Fi Combines Robust Functionality and Unprecedented Affordability to Deliver Mobile-Device Connectivity to Boaz City Schools

Breakthrough Wi-Fi Solution Makes Digital Classrooms a Reality
in Northeastern Alabama School District

Toronto, Canada and Palo Alto, Calif., July 28, 2011 – Amer Networks, a manufacturer and global distributor of networking, storage and security products, and PowerCloud™ Systems, the leading software platform provider for cloud-managed networking services, today announce that the Boaz City School District in Boaz, AL, has upgraded its wireless network to Amer’s cloud-managed 802.11n wireless solution powered by CloudCommand™.

The multi-site installation demonstrates the district’s commitment to delivering digital classrooms and a 21st century learning environment to its 2,500 public-school students as well as Amer’s ability to provide an affordable Wi-Fi networking solution designed to meet the specific needs of the education market.

Key Facts

    • Boaz City School District is completing a 100-unit installation of Amer’s cloud-managed Wi-Fi networking solution, the WAP223NC access point, which delivers 802.11n coverage, business-grade features, remote-management capability and hotspot functionality to all five city schools and two administrative offices.
    • The Wi-Fi network will serve nearly 3,000 students, staff and visitors who can access the Internet from classrooms, libraries, cafeterias, gymnasiums, common areas, staff offices and even school parking lots.  Remote-management capabilities from the cloud enable a single IT administrator to manage all seven locations in real time, reducing network down time and eliminating most service calls.
    • Amer’s WAP223NC is the only Wi-Fi access point designed specifically for the education market and it is powered by CloudCommand, a cloud-managed networking platform developed by PowerCloud Systems that radically reduces customers’ total cost of ownership by managing networking equipment through the cloud.
    • With CloudCommand, Boaz education officials gain features such as: full-campus coverage; remote management; enhanced security with Individual Device Authentication (IDA); the ability to establish a single network across multiple locations; SMS alerting; and hotspot functionality that enables administrators to moderate network usage on a per-student basis.
    • Prior to Amer’s installation, each school operated an independent Wi-Fi network using Linksys and Apple hardware that was unable to handle the surging demand for wireless connectivity.  Officials note that many students bring two or more mobile devices to school each day and all network users expect fast, uninterrupted connectivity.  The district is committed to delivering a 21st century digital learning environment and considers secure Wi-Fi connectivity a top priority.
    • Amer’s solution costs a fraction of competitive alternatives.  The total cost for the Amer access points and cloud-based services for all seven district locations was considerably less than an established competitor’s quote to install Wi-Fi in just two locations.


Wayne Caudle, Boaz City School District IT director:
“We prepare students for success in the 21st century and that requires a digital-classroom environment with great Wi-Fi connectivity as its foundation.  Our high school students bring laptops to class and many use smartphones and even tablets on campus.  Robust connectivity is a must-have, and Amer Network delivers a Wi-Fi solution that can manage this increasing demand.”

“Amer’s cloud-based solution exceeded our operational requirements from Day One.  Students and staff effortlessly connected across campuses and between buildings.  Teachers can immediately start expanding their lesson plans to make technology a more integral part to their classroom instruction.  Features such as enhanced security and network monitoring enable us to provide an online environment that is safe, controlled and powerful.” 

Wai Lee, CEO of Amer Networks:
“The Boaz City School District understands the critical role technology should play in educating today’s students.  We are thrilled to help advance their education goals by providing a cloud-managed Wi-Fi solution that meets their needs and budget.”  

CloudCommand technology is what enables our partner, Amer Networks, to deliver a cloud-based Wi-Fi solution that combines great features with such remarkable affordability.

Simply put, no other networking solution on the market can deliver this kind of value.

Visit the Amer/CloudCommand Microsite to learn how one partner leverages our cloud-managed networking technology.

Read the Release.

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