Great Partners: OPEN Networks Provides Breakthrough Wi-Fi to Wireless Resellers

Snapshot of OPEN Networks: OPEN Networks powered by CloudCommand is an aftermarket SaaS solution that delivers breakthrough Wi-Fi solutions for small- and medium-sized businesses.

Designed to support wireless Internet service providers (WISPs) and managed services providers (MSPs) that deliver mission-critical Wi-Fi solutions, OPEN access points provide everything needed to deploy, configure, secure and remotely manage business-grade Wi-Fi networks – at a fraction of the cost of traditional controller-based systems.

Focus on Profitability

Enterprise-type capabilities such as plug-and-connect deployments, real-time remote management, enhanced security and hotspot customization empower administrators to manage networks easily and efficiently through the cloud, saving time and boosting profitability. Additionally, the OPEN’s SaaS model creates opportunities for WISPs and MSPs to build new and profitable recurring revenue streams by offering real-time Wi-Fi management services.

Combining Great Software and Hardware

OPEN’s Wi-Fi solution meets the needs and budgets of SMBs and SMEs by combining a breakthrough software platform with high-performing, affordable hardware. By leveraging PowerCloud Systems’ CloudCommand software platform, OPEN transforms leading stand-alone access points into cloud-managed Wi-Fi devices.

Cloud-Powered Features

  • Manage remotely anywhere, anytime with Networking as a Service (NaaS):  OPEN empowers VARs and MSPs to efficiently manage multiple customer sites simultaneously using the CloudCommand virtualized controller. OPEN is the ideal, affordable solution for organizations in the health care, retail, professional services and education markets.
  • Plug-and-connect simplicity: Self-configuring APs deploy in minutes instead of hours or days. Administrators can even register devices in their offices and mail them to customers to plug in.
  • Intuitive, powerful interface: CloudCommand’s browser-based dashboard delivers real-time network statistics and management tools. Access it anywhere through the Internet.
  • Enhanced security: Patented Individual Device Authentication (IDA™) delivers enhanced, two-factor security that enables you to add/remove individual users and monitor network usage on a per-device level.
  • CloudCommand Hotspot: Hotspot delivers a fully customizable hotspot that works out of the box. Multiple revenue settings enable you to build custom service plans that meet business needs.
  • Single point of management for multiple customer sites: One user interface delivers anytime, anywhere access to all your wireless customers across multiple geographies. Administrators can remotely view multiple customer networks simultaneously and perform real-time management tasks.
  • Real-time alerts: Customizable real-time SMS and email alerts notify administrators about network issues – enabling them to troubleshoot their customer’s network, often before the customer even knows there is a problem.
  • Rich reporting and graphing features: Extensive graphs, tables and charts provide insights for effective optimization and detailed usage tracking to facilitate compliance with standards such as HIPAA.
  • Automated firmware updates:Firmware updates can be remotely executed in real time or scheduled across the entire network, ensuring the APs are always up to date.

Upcoming webinars

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About PowerCloud Systems
PowerCloud Systems is the leading online software platform provider for enabling Networking as a Service (NaaS). Its CloudCommand technology provides OEMs and service providers with the most powerful and cost-effective path for adding comprehensive cloud capabilities to their new and existing networking equipment. Based in Palo Alto, Calif., PowerCloud Systems is a spin-out from PARC that is funded by Qualcomm Ventures, Walden Venture Capital, Javelin Venture Partners and PARC. For more information, visit

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