Oregon Solution Provider Grows Services Business by Adding Managed Wi-Fi

Solution provider Compex2 of suburban Portland, OR, successfully grew its services business by managing Wi-Fi networks powered by CloudCommand, and as result responded to its customers’ wireless needs, expanded its business and improved its profitability.

Originally a PC shop selling hardware and networking devices, the firm has gradually moved into managed services as it builds a reputation in the Willamette Valley as a go-to expert for supporting the full spectrum of a customer’s IT needs, particularly in the healthcare industry.

In the past two years, HIPAA compliance has become a critical issue for President Matthew Middlestetter’s customer base.  So too has the management of mobile devices appearing on office networks.

When it came time to upgrade a healthcare facility’s wireless network, Middlestetter sought a solution that would meet his customer’s connectivity, security and reporting requirements while staying within their budget limits.  Consumer solutions were inadequate.  Enterprise solutions were too expensive.

CloudCommand-Powered Wi-Fi  

What Middlestetter needed was a wireless network that offered business-grade functionality at a price point his customers could afford.  What he discovered was a CloudCommand-powered solution through OPEN Networks.

The CloudCommand platform delivers cloud-enabled networking functionality that transforms business connectivity overnight – affordably empowering small businesses, healthcare organizations, school districts and more with  features and management controls which until now only existed in expensive enterprise environments.

Even better, Middlestetter immediately recognized that CloudCommand-powered networks offered him the opportunity to effortlessly expand their managed-services business into the wireless category.

Wi-Fi Success and Recurring Revenue

In a single afternoon, Compex2 deployed and began remotely managing a network of 14 access points supporting a state-of-the-art medical facility in Oregon’s capital of Salem.  Tasks such as device provisioning, troubleshooting and capturing real-time network usages reports became as simple as clicking a mouse button.  As the Wi-Fi network administrator, Compex2 bills for its management services on a monthly per-access point basis.

The experience proved incredibly successful.  So successful that in a matter of weeks, Compex2 began deploying CloudCommand-powered networks into additional healthcare facilities around the Willamette Valley.

Today, it has a half-dozen sites under management with more to come.  Administration is handled by a Compex2 administrator though a single user interface.  The efficiency is unbeatable, and Compex2 is earning dependable, recurring revenue from a new line of business.

“With no previous wireless experience, we successfully built a managed-services business around CloudCommand in a matter of months,” said Middlestetter.  “Our customers are extremely pleased with their networks.  Our administrator remotely handles all their needs with efficiency, and we have a steady stream of revenue.  In 2012, we expect our Wi-Fi management business to double.”

Provider Benefits

  • Build Profits:  Recurring Revenue & Profitability through Cloud-Based Managed Wi-Fi
  • Develop a New Line of Business:  Opportunity to Manage Wi-Fi for Existing and New Customers
  • Be a Hero to Customers:  Real-Time Customer Support through Remote Management
  • Improve Efficiency:  Simultaneous Management of Multiple Customer Sites
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