Press Release: Amer Announces World’s First Complete Cloud-Managed Wi-Fi Portfolio Tailored to Education Market

Affordable, Easy-to-Manage Wi-Fi Solution Provides Indoor, Outdoor and Extended-Range Options to Schools of All Sizes

TORONTO, Oct. 24, 2011 — Amer Networks, a manufacturer and global distributor of networking, storage and security products, today extends the world’s first cloud-managed Wi-Fi solution designed specifically to meet the connectivity, budgetary, and ease-of-use needs of the education market to include outdoor and extended-range Wi-Fi products.

Amer Networks delivers affordable, business-grade indoor Wi-Fi solutions to school districts and schools throughout North America.  By adding outdoor and extended-range access points to its product portfolio, it now provides complete district- and campus-wide connectivity across indoor classrooms, outdoor playgrounds, public-access sites, sporting fields and all other areas.

CloudCommand™, a customizable online-software platform from PowerCloud™ Systems, powers Amer Networks’ portfolio.  The CloudCommand platform enables solutions that are simple to configure and deploy, remotely manageable, capable of being monitored in real time and able to deliver enhanced security.

Key Facts

  • Amer Networks provides the world’s first complete portfolio of cloud-managed access points to support the indoor, outdoor and extended-range connectivity needs of the education market.
  • The Amer Networks’ portfolio is ideal for K-12 school districts that require reliable Wi-Fi across multiple spaces and features such as enhanced security, event reporting and a secure hotspot.
  • The portfolio expansion builds on the early success of Amer Networks’ cloud-managed indoor access point, which since its launch in 2Q 2011 has become the most successful product in the company’s 15-year history.
  • The Amer Networks’ portfolio leverages CloudCommand, a customizable online software platform developed by PowerCloud Systems that provides comprehensive cloud capabilities.  CloudCommand-powered networks deliver enterprise-class management features but are simple to deploy and easy to administer.
  • Amer Networks’ simple and affordable offering works equally well for cost-conscious businesses seeking managed Wi-Fi solutions, particularly in the retail, hospitality and health care markets.

Key Benefits of Amer Networks Solutions Powered by CloudCommand

  • Deploy and manage complete indoor and outdoor business-grade Wi-Fi networks using a single solution.
    Deploy multiple, self-configuring access points in minutes.
  • Concurrently and remotely configure and manage all access points via a simple browser with no additional hardware.
  • Operate a primary network for staff and teachers and a separate student hotspot network that has customizable usage limits, login screens and auto-scheduling functionality.
  • Automatically secure connecting laptops and other devices with patented Individual Device Authentication (IDA™), a two-factor authentication process.
  • Allow connected users to securely roam across buildings or networks.
  • Respond quickly to real-time alerts about network issues.
  • Monitor network usage, generate reports and review statistics.


Wai Lee, CEO of Amer Networks:

“By expanding our cloud-managed wireless portfolio, Amer Networks demonstrates its commitment to providing campus-wide wireless connectivity and network management to K-12 schools and school districts of every shape and size.  We recognize that digital learning is a critical component of today’s classroom and we offer the best solution on the market for delivering Wi-Fi that is secure, affordable and specifically designed for the school environment.”

Read the release.

Press Release: The Industry’s First Multi-Tenant Cloud Management Platform for Access Points From Ubiquiti Networks and Arada Systems

CloudCommand OPEN Delivers Enterprise Management Capabilities to WISPs and Wireless MSPs

WISP-Router Inc., a Leading North American Wireless Distributor, Becomes First Distribution Partner

LAS VEGAS, Oct. 11, 2011 — PowerCloud™ Systems, the leading software platform provider for enabling Networking as a Service (NaaS), today announces the immediate availability of CloudCommand™ OPEN, its aftermarket cloud Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, initially supporting two Wi-Fi hardware platforms – the Ubiquiti Networks’ Unifi family of access points and the Arada Systems’ MaxR family of access points.

The CloudCommand OPEN platform transforms stand-alone access points into affordable, cloud-managed, enterprise-grade networks and targets wireless Internet service providers (WISPs) and wireless managed services providers (MSPs). By combining the CloudCommand OPEN platform with affordable hardware from Ubiquiti Networks and Arada Systems, services providers gain all the tools required to deploy, configure, secure and manage business-critical Wi-Fi networks at a fraction of the cost of traditional controller-based systems.

PowerCloud Systems also announces today that WISP-Router, Inc., a leading North American wireless distributor (, is the first distribution partner for the CloudCommand OPEN solution.

Key Facts

  • PowerCloud Systems is the developer of CloudCommand, a multi-tenant software platform that can be integrated with networking devices to deliver cloud features and capabilities such as multi-customer remote administration, hardware self-configuration, multi-location coverage, customizable hotspot functionality, a patented two-factor security setting called Individual Device Authentication (IDA), real-time monitoring and performance reporting.
  • CloudCommand OPEN is specifically designed as an aftermarket software as a service (SaaS) platform for WISPs and wireless MSPs.  When combined with Ubiquiti Networks’ and Arada Systems’ access points, it provides cloud-managed Wi-Fi networking solutions that deliver business-grade features and complete remote manageability for a fraction of traditional enterprise costs.
  • WISPs and wireless MSPs manage CloudCommand OPEN networks remotely through the cloud, thereby saving time and boosting profitability.  CloudCommand’s Networking as a Service (NaaS) business model empowers them to manage customer Wi-Fi networks in real time, thereby developing new and profitable recurring revenue streams.
  • Vertical markets applications include retail, hospitality, education, healthcare, legal/financial services and public-access areas such as libraries and convention centers.
  • PowerCloud Systems Director of Sales Jim Steinbacher is participating on a panel discussion about cloud-managed networking opportunities for WISPs, “How to Float on the Cloud,” at the WISPAPALOOZA 2011 conference on Tuesday October 11, 2011, at the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas.


Jeff Abramowitz, Founder and CEO of PowerCloud Systems:

“CloudCommand dramatically improves the ability for WISPs and wireless MSPs to provide enterprise-grade Wi-Fi to their customers with a business model that provides new and profitable revenue streams.  By integrating CloudCommand with leading hardware platforms that offer excellent connectivity and exceptional value, PowerCloud Systems brings affordable, managed Wi-Fi to the mainstream.”

PowerCloud’s Director of Sales to Present at WISPAPALOOZA 2011 in Las Vegas on October 11

 PowerCloud Systems’ Director of Sales Jim Steinbacher is sharing our vision of cloud-managed networking tomorrow at WISPAPALOOZA 2011.


When: Tuesday, October 11, 2011 2:15 PM to 3:15 PM

Where: WISPAPALOOZA 2011, The Flamingo Hotel, Las Vegas

Description:  While your wireless signal floats on the airwaves, your data floats on the cloud.  Learn how you can use cloud based programming and hosted solutions to minimize your overhead and operate more efficiently.

The discussion targets WISPs, resellers and MSPs and asks an essential question:  How do you make money and improve efficiencies using cloud services?  With CloudCommand, the answer is easy.

CloudCommand-powered networks deliver everything needed to deploy, configure, secure and manage business-grade Wi-Fi solutions to SMBs/SMEs at a price they can afford.  We’re opening the market for managed Wi-Fi to millions of businesses as demand for robust wireless connectivity surges.

Third-party administrators manage these networks remotely through the cloud, saving time and boosting profitability.  But that’s just the beginning.

CloudCommand’s Networking as a Service (NaaS) model empowers WISPs, resellers and MSPs to expand their managed-services businesses to include wireless support.  With CloudCommand, it’s easy and profitable to build new and recurring revenue streams.  CloudCommand’s cloud-managed networking means better efficiencies and better profits.

Learn more about the CloudCommand solution.

The D-Link DAP-2565 Wireless Access Point Is Seriously Serious

The tech team at highlights our newest CloudCommand-powered networking product, the D-Link DAP-2565.  With the launch of the DAP-2565, D-Link becomes the first OEM vendor to offer a complete CloudCommand portfolio of indoor, outdoor and plenum-rated cloud-managed access points to SMB/SME customers.  Here’s what contributing writer Ray Willington had to say:

Plenum-rated. Networking. Cloud. Small biz. Mix those all together with D-Link, and you’ve got the company’s new DAP-2565 Wi-Fi Access Point, which is designed for indoor plenum deployment in above-ceiling airspace installations. The new Cloud-Managed solution provides small and medium-sized businesses, as well as K-12 and hospitality environments, with a secure, reliable and affordable way to manage their networks.

As a new member of the D-Link Cloud-Managed Access Point family, the DAP-2565 delivers business-grade features at a lower cost than other enterprise solutions, including flexible IEEE 802.11n performance, Power Over Ethernet (PoE) support for installation in areas where power outlets are not readily available, and secure guest access and control privileges for individual users. The DAP-2565 also utilizes CloudCommand, which allows end users and value-added resellers (VARs) and managed service providers (MSPs) to easily and quickly set up, secure and remotely manage high-performance wireless networks with multiple access points through a Cloud portal, saving significant time and resources. In addition, the DAP-2565’s plenum-rated metal chassis meets specific requirements to be flame retardant and have low smoke production for placement in air passageways.

Read the story.

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