First Large-Scale Wi-Fi Deployment Leveraging CloudCommand’s Patented Security Delivers Classroom Connectivity and Network Management to New England School District

Breakthrough Cloud-Managed Wi-Fi Solution Brings Security, Reliability and Affordability to Laconia, NH, Schools

Toronto, Canada and Palo Alto, Calif., September 30, 2011 – Amer Networks, a manufacturer and global distributor of networking, storage and security products, and PowerCloud™ Systems, the leading software platform provider for cloud-managed networking services, today announce that the Laconia School District in Laconia, New Hampshire, has upgraded its wireless network to Amer’s cloud-managed 802.11n wireless solution powered by CloudCommand™.

The new network delivers secure Wi-Fi to Laconia’s entire public-school system and signals the district’s commitment to delivering a 21st century learning environment to its 2,000 students.  The installation additionally demonstrates how Amer’s solution – which combines enterprise-type security and management features with unprecedented affordability – continues to set the standard for powerful, cost-efficient Wi-Fi in the K-12 market.

Key Facts

  • Laconia School District has completed a 76-unit installation of Amer’s cloud-managed Wi-Fi, the WAP223NC access point, into the district’s six schools and superintendent building.  It supports up to 2,500 staff, students and visitors who can access the Internet and private intranet from classrooms, libraries, cafeterias, gymnasiums, preschool and adult learning centers, daycare facilities and administrative offices.
  • The WAP223NC provides extensive coverage, automatic configuration, business-grade features, remote-management capability, multi-site roaming and hotspot functionality.  It is the only Wi-Fi access point designed specifically for the education market and is powered by CloudCommand, a networking platform developed by PowerCloud Systems that radically reduces customers’ total cost of ownership.
  • Laconia’s IT administrators apply the network’s highest security setting – called Individual Device Authentication (IDA) – to restrict connectivity to authorized mobile devices.  The patented IDA offers two-factor security and enables administrators to individually identify and secure hundreds of devices.
  • The district deployed each of Amer’s self-configuring access points in minutes, making setup a simple and quick process which a single IT administrator accomplished in a matter of hours instead of days or weeks.
  • Once the network went live, teachers immediately reported the positive impact it had on classroom instruction, particularly in the preschool and elementary schools, where usage is highest.  In the elementary schools, more than 150 laptops travel daily between classrooms on computer carts and require reliable Wi-Fi at all times.  Most elementary students have frequent access to iPads and netbooks.
  • Amer’s network replaces a collection of independent access points, including Apple’s AirPort Extreme, Cisco 4410 access points and various Linksys models.  The old infrastructure failed to meet the district’s security and monitoring requirements and was unable to keep pace with the proliferation of wireless devices accessing them.
  • Amer’s solution was selected over competitive offerings from Aruba and Aerohive due to its combination of business-grade management features and unbeatable pricing.
  • The network provides visitor hotspot functionality, which Laconia leverages to support events such as evening lectures, conferences, adult education classes and sports activities.  An innovative “front desk” interface allows assistant administrators to manually adjust a user’s connectivity privileges without disrupting the network.
  • Remote-management functionality through the cloud enables three IT administrators to manage the network from anywhere.  In real time, they track network usage, troubleshoot problems and monitor connected devices by location and activity levels.


Jeff Twombly, Laconia School District IT director:
“Amer’s cloud-based solution amazed us with how simple and fast it was to deploy and make operational.  It provides everything a mid-sized school district needs and more – from self-configuring setup to real-time alerts and convenient remote management.  The Amer solution exceeds our requirements and costs less than half of comparable solutions.  It’s the ideal solution for school-based Wi-Fi.”

Wai Lee, CEO of Amer Networks:
“The Laconia School District leads the way when it comes to preparing students for long-term success.  By installing the right technology infrastructure in its schools, it has enhanced teacher instruction and improved the overall learning environment.  We specifically designed our cloud-managed Wi-Fi solution for districts like Laconia, and we’re thrilled with their success.” 

Our CloudCommand technology enables our partner, Amer Networks, to bring cloud-based Wi-Fi networking to school districts throughout North America.

To learn more about Partnering with us, visit our website.

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D-Link Expands Its Product Portfolio of CloudCommand-Powered Networking Solutions

D-Link, the worldwide leader in delivering networking connectivity to SMB/SMEs, continues to take the lead in moving its customers into the cloud.

Today, the company released its latest CloudCommand-powered networking device.

With the launch of the new DAP-2565, D-Link becomes the world’s first OEM to offer a complete portfolio of indoor, outdoor and plenum-rated cloud-managed access points to SMB/SME customers.

All three leverage the CloudCommand platform and deliver to SMB/SMEs an unbeatable combination of:

  • Business-grade features
  • Consumer usability
  • Affordability

Also, the three products can be managed simultaneously from the same user-friendly CloudCommand dashboard – a key advantage that highlights the platform’s ease of use.

Today’s milestone underscores the industry’s rapid march toward cloud-managed networking solutions and a model of Networking as a Service (Naas).  Over the next several months, many vendors will add a portfolio of cloud-managed networking products to their lineups and many will do so by leveraging CloudCommand.

Read the release

A New Website Look as Networking as a Service Takes Off

Cloud-managed networking and Networking as a Service (NaaS) are hot topics.

Learn about them at our great new website and see how CloudCommand delivers exceptional cost, functionality and management benefits to everyone in the networking channel — OEMs, solution providers and SME/SMB end customers.

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More at the website:

Moving Up in the World. PowerCloud Expands to New, Bigger Offices

We’re feeling expansive – We just doubled our space!

PowerCloud Systems is still at PARC, but we moved to a different floor.  We gained larger testing labs, additional offices and lots of room to grow.  Our engineers were back on their computers even before we finished unpacking!

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