Article: Connecting to the 21st Century with Cloud-Managed Wi-Fi

A 100-unit installation of a CloudCommand-powered Wi-Fi network received great local coverage in the Sand Mountain Reporter (Ala.).  Our partner, Amer Networks, delivered the solution to the Boaz School District in northeastern Alabama.

Connecting to the 21st Century: Boaz Schools Upgrade to Cloud-Managed Wi-Fi Network conveys the key value propositions of a CloudCommand cloud-managed networking platform:

  1. Business-Grade Features: “I can go in and see if a student is watching a ton of YouTube videos instead of doing his homework,” IT Director Wayne Caudle said. “It’s a fully managed system. I can even manage it through my cellphone.
  2. Consumer Usability: “Students and staff effortlessly connected across campuses and between buildings,” he said. “Teachers can immediately start expanding their lesson plans to make technology a more integral part to their classroom instruction.”
  3. Unprecedented Affordability: Caudle and three assistants installed the new system, saving the school system thousands of dollars. The cost of the network totaled about $30,000. “Amer’s solution costs a fraction of competitive alternatives,” officials said. “(It) was considerably less than an established competitor’s quote to install Wi-Fi in just two locations.”

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Article: Remote Management of Wi-Fi Is a Growing Trends for Schools

In school districts around the country, cloud-managed Wi-Fi is fast becoming the affordable alternative to traditional enterprise-class Wi-Fi.  It delivers business-grade features and consumer usability for a fraction of traditional enterprise costs.  For most districts, that combination of great features and unprecedented affordability should make a CloudCommand-powered network the No. 1 networking choice.  It was for the folks in Boaz, AL:

More than 3,000 students and staff throughout the Boaz City School District in Alabama will soon be able to text and browse the net straight from their smartphones and mobile devices. Amer Networks, a networking, storage and security product developer and provider, is helping the school district to roll out the cloud-managed WiFi solution.

First, the nuts and bolts of the deal. Amer Networks will install 100 units of its cloud-managed 802.11n wireless solution –the WAP223NC access point. The access points will be deployed across five schools and two administrative buildings.

Amer Networks is a partner company of PowerCloud Systems, a developer of software platforms for cloud-managed network services. Amer has recently been expanding into the small-to-medium-enterprise (SME) market with a line of software products to improve efficiency and productivity. Here are some of the benefits Amer will deliver to the Boaz City School District:

  • Full campus coverage;
  • Remote management;
  • Enhanced security with Individual Device Authentification (IDA);
  • Ability to establish a single network across multiple locations; and
  • SMS Alerting.

Students texting in class be warned: The Wi-Fi solution also allows school administrators to moderate the network use of individual students. Users will be able to access the network from all classrooms, gyms, libraries, staff offices, parking lots, common areas and cafeterias.

No doubt, WiFi use is a 10-year-old trend in schools and colleges. But remote management of WiFi — via the cloud — seems to be a growing trend among some managed service providers that work with schools.

Additional insights from Joe Panettieri.

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