Announcing: Amer Networks and PowerCloud Systems Collaborate to Deliver First Cloud-Managed Wireless Networking Solution Designed Specifically for the Education Market

Today Amer Networks and PowerCloud Systems announce our collaboration to deliver the world’s first cloud-managed wireless networking solution for the education market.   Amer is a manufacturer and global distributor of networking, storage and security products that since 1997 has delivered exceptional solutions to the education enterprise sector.  With our CloudCommand virtualized controller platform, their new  Wi-Fi networking solution, empowers school districts and individual campuses to quickly deploy and easily manage robust 802.11n wireless environments.

Amer Networks and PowerCloud Systems Collaborate to Deliver the World’s First Cloud-Managed Wireless Networking Solution Designed Specifically for the Education Market

Easy to Manage, Affordable Wi-Fi Networking Brings the Digital Classroom to K-12

TORONTO, Ontario and PALO ALTO, Calif., April 27, 2011 — Amer Networks, a manufacturer and global distributor of networking, storage and security products, in collaboration with PowerCloud™ Systems, creator of the world’s first cloud-based management platform for networking OEM companies, today announces the launch of the first cloud-managed Wi-Fi solution designed specifically to meet the connectivity, budgetary, and ease-of-use needs of the education market.

Amer’s Wi-Fi solution, the WAP223NC Access Point and Managed Software, empowers school districts and individual campuses to quickly deploy and easily manage robust 802.11n wireless environments that provide enterprise-class functionality but cost only a fraction of traditional enterprise solutions.  The WAP223NC is powered by CloudCommand™, a proprietary networking platform developed by PowerCloud Systems that radically reduces total cost of ownership by managing networking equipment and resources through an Internet-based virtualized controller.

“By combining enterprise-class features with unprecedented affordability, Amer delivers a game-changing Wi-Fi solution to the education market,” said Wai Lee, chief executive officer of Amer Networks.  “Schools desperately need robust Wi-Fi networks, but cash-strapped school districts have struggled to afford appropriate solutions.  Now the low-cost WAP223NC makes reliable, easy-to-use Wi-Fi a reality.  For nearly 15 years, Amer has supported thousands of education customers in this dynamic sector, and we’re thrilled to collaborate with PowerCloud Systems to digitize the classroom.”

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Taking the Management of APs into the Cloud

Paul Mah, an SMB Tech expert who writes for IT Business Edge, posts a great overview of how different vendors approach the management of networks with multiple Wi-Fi APs.  He highlights our CloudCommand technology as the proof point for rapid innovation in the Wi-Fi networking sector:

Proving that the WLAN field is one where innovation is taking place at a rapid pace, at least one company has decided to take the management of APs into the cloud. PowerCloud Systems in 2010 unveiled its CloudCommand technology that the company says allows networking equipment to be configured, deployed and managed from the cloud. The startup has at least one commercially available AP that supports CloudCommand (D-link DAP-2555), and Atheros Communications – a WLAN chipset heavyweight – also added the technology into its networking software platform in January. Cloud-based management of AP is definitely in its infancy at this point, though it may well gain traction in the SMB market for its advantages on the device management front.

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We Can Manage Multiple Sites, No Matter How Many APs They Have, from a Single Webpage

“To me, the relationship between us and PowerCloud has been so extraordinary that even if someone shows me a better solution, I’d be hesitant to jump on board because they are such a responsive, exciting and passionate company.”Joshua Smith

That’s just one of the great things Joshua Smith of Los Angeles-based Untangled Solutions said about us in a lengthy Q/A interview with that focused on the benefits our CloudCommand technology and how it is radically enhances the way MSPs like Untangled Solutions provide networking services to SMB customers.

  • It’s almost a plug and play situation. Once (the access points) are plugged in, we can then access each access point almost instantaneously from our cloud-based console.
  • We have a high-level overview of every site we have these cloud based access points deployed to. We can then manage each site, no matter how many APs they have, from one single login and webpage.
  • Our big thing is we can offer our customers higher value and lower cost to both them and ourselves by not having to go to the location.
  • (PowerCloud Systems) allows us to offer faster response time and more bang for our customers’ buck.
  • Anything that makes an MSP’s job easier while maintaining or raising the value to our clients seems like a no-brainer to me.

We’re very excited about CloudCommand, a virtualized network controller platform that original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) leverage to quickly bring to market affordable, business-grade networking products for SMBs.  We’re equally proud of the new CloudCommand features our engineering team continues to roll out.

But what really makes our day is when a member of our user community becomes a CloudCommand evangelist.  Thanks, Josh! The whole Q/A is worth a read.

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You Will Be Hard Pressed to Find another Solution at this Price Point for Building an Easy to Manage Multi-AP Network

SmallCloudBuilder, one of the best online resources for advice, tutorials and reviews about cloud-based products and SaaS (software as a service) for home and small business users, delivered a strong review of the D-Link’s CloudCommand-enabled access point, the DAP-2555.

Reviewer Tim Higgins studied the DAP-2555 from top to bottom and liked what he found:

Anyone who has tried to install and manage a multi-AP wireless network using browser-managed gear understands the value of centrally-managed WLANs. Unfortunately, the pricing of systems from Cisco, Meraki, Ruckus, etc. puts managed Wi-Fi systems beyond the reach of most small businesses that could benefit the most from them…

What D-Link’s partner PowerCloud Systems has done is develop a cloud-based system for managing network equipment.

His summary is highly positive:

(T)he DAP-2555 could be an attractive alternative for those looking for a cost-effective way to get a business-class multi-AP wireless LAN up and running in a hurry. Installation is dead simple…D-Link has also made the DAP-2555 easy to buy and relatively affordable.

He also understands the business model of PowerCloud Systems.  CloudCommand is a technology we’re insanely proud of, and we’re in the first days of sharing it with the world:   

(Y)ou’d be hard pressed to find another solution at this price point for building an easy to manage multi-AP network.

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