News: Atheros Endorses Cloud-Based Wireless in a Big Way

Network Computing just delivered an incredibly strong endorsement for our new collaboration with Atheros.

Analyst Lee Badman is one of the country’s leading experts in network computing. Lee H. Badman, Network ComputingWhen Lee spots a market shift, people take notice.

Here are several quotes from the article:

  • When a company as integral to the wireless LAN space as Atheros endorses a new market direction, you’d do well to pay attention…

  • It’s one thing to hear this message from the likes of Meraki and Aerohive, and it’s another to see the provider of well over 50% of all WLAN access point radios buy in to the cloud movement…

  • (T)he result is high-quality networks that are out-of-box simple to install.

  • (T)his fast-evolving space is certainly morphing again before our very eyes.

Don’t walk…Run to the article

About PowerCloud Systems
PowerCloud Systems is the leading online software platform provider for enabling Networking as a Service (NaaS). Its CloudCommand technology provides OEMs and service providers with the most powerful and cost-effective path for adding comprehensive cloud capabilities to their new and existing networking equipment. Based in Palo Alto, Calif., PowerCloud Systems is a spin-out from PARC that is funded by Qualcomm Ventures, Walden Venture Capital, Javelin Venture Partners and PARC. For more information, visit

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