And That Is Good Business

Craig Tarkenton, director of technical services for AugustaIT in Augusta, Georgia, is finding the CloudCommand-powered DAP-2555 greatly reduces how much time his team at AugustaIT spends on routine management chores.

“CloudCommand makes it dramatically easier for AugustaIT to install or remove a user device such as a new computer, printer or smartphone.  I’m spending a lot less time on these chores and that’s good business.”

Craig is talking about CloudCommand’s patent security, Individual Device Authorization (IDA).  IDA offers two-factor security for your networks.  Anyone connecting to your network for the first time must enter a network passphrase.  Additionally his or her individual device must be whitelisted by the network administrator.  Once whitelisted, the  device can be individually tracked and monitored.  The administrator can suspend, deauthorize or reauthorize it any time.

Seeing Is Believing: Hotel Deployment in Less than 1 Hour

FastLane Tek, a Silicon Valley reseller and Managed Services Provider (MSP), prides itself on delivering “the personal touch” to its customers in the hospitality business.  It also manages competitive timing systems for major events like the last six Olympic Games and the Jay Leno Show.

We gave FastLane Tek a challenge we knew it couldn’t refuse:  Using D-Link’s DAP-2555 Access Points, deploy an operational CloudCommand Wi-Fi network across a 144-room hotel

With just one caveat: Complete the job within 1 hour.

Get ready to be amazed.  Check out this great YouTube video (2:34):

News: What Makes the DAP-2555 Really Stand Out

IT Business Edge covers technology trends like no one else.  Paul Mah, a leading analyst who specializes in SMB technology, reviews our CloudCommand technology and offers his (very positive) thoughts on D-Link’s new DAP-2555 access point:

It is clear to me that the DAP-2555 AirPremier was created as an alternative to large Wi-Fi deployments that revolve around a centralized controller device…

Indeed, the DAP-2555 is clearly addressed at the current void between non-scalable, consumer-grade Wi-Fi equipment, and expensive enterprise platforms designed with complex deployments in mind.

The incorporation of CloudCommand eliminates the need to pay for a hardware controller, which can lead to substantial savings. And of course, yet another appeal of a cloud-managed platform is how it allows service providers to sell related remote administration and management services.

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News: Atheros Endorses Cloud-Based Wireless in a Big Way

Network Computing just delivered an incredibly strong endorsement for our new collaboration with Atheros.

Analyst Lee Badman is one of the country’s leading experts in network computing. Lee H. Badman, Network ComputingWhen Lee spots a market shift, people take notice.

Here are several quotes from the article:

  • When a company as integral to the wireless LAN space as Atheros endorses a new market direction, you’d do well to pay attention…

  • It’s one thing to hear this message from the likes of Meraki and Aerohive, and it’s another to see the provider of well over 50% of all WLAN access point radios buy in to the cloud movement…

  • (T)he result is high-quality networks that are out-of-box simple to install.

  • (T)his fast-evolving space is certainly morphing again before our very eyes.

Don’t walk…Run to the article

News: The Simplicity Here Is Really Powerful

Here’s a feature article from eChannelLine USA reporter Mark Cox about D-Link’s new DAP-2555 Access Point.  The access point leverages our CloudCommand technology to deliver the world’s first cloud-based, business-grade Wi-Fi networking solution for small- and medium-sized businesses.  Great stuff!

Our friend Joe Melfi, D-Link’s spokesperson for the DAP-2555, for  does a strong job highlighting the product:

Joe Melfi, Associate Director, Technical Marketing at D-Link (said): “The cloud enables us to bring advanced features down to a manageable level and keep the price structure low, even for smaller businesses.”

This is not a remote management product, but a true cloud management solution where the entire system is based on a portal in the cloud with servers that communicate with each of the products.

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