CloudCommand-Powered D-Link Access Point Earning Raves from Channel

Below is our latest/greatest press release, which highlights the positive experience VARs and MSPs are having as they test and begin to deploy D-Link’s new cloud-based access point, the DAP-2555 powered by CloudCommand.

The DAP-2555 is the first commercial product to leverage our CloudCommand networking platform.  The product is starting to become available.  The early buzz is strong:

-Powered D-Link Access Point Earning Raves from Channel

PowerCloud Systems, Inc., the company that created CloudCommand, announces feedback from IT professionals highlighting how this cloud-based technology is revolutionizing the way VARs profitably deploy and manage wireless networks in the SMB market.

“The feedback we’re receiving from the channel is positively off the scale,” said Jeff Abramowitz, president and CEO of PowerCloud Systems. “The channel is evolving toward a managed service model, and CloudCommand-enabled Wi-Fi solutions deliver VARs and their customers compelling benefits. Not only can they quickly install a business-grade network that exceeds their clients’ expectations, but they can simultaneously enjoy additional revenue through faster deployment and managed services.”

CloudCommand-powered access points deliver business-grade features at consumer-friendly prices for small- and medium-sized businesses.

VARs using the new D-Link DAP-2555 powered by CloudCommand can deploy secure, managed Wi-Fi networks with multiple access points faster, and at a lower cost than any other solution in the market. In addition to realizing profound time and cost savings with this solution, VARs earn ongoing service revenue by managing their clients’ devices through the cloud on a subscription basis.

Overall, VARs deploying CloudCommand-powered access points at client sites gain significant profitability through a combination of product sales, rapid deployment, remote oversight and substantial time savings. Small- and medium-sized businesses benefit from complete wireless coverage with a network that can with incredible simplicity secure every connected device, ensuring full regulatory compliance, and while also giving them the flexibility to offer protected guest access.

Evaluation Program Underway
VARs have a hands-on opportunity to find out exactly how a CloudCommand-powered D-Link DAP- 2555 changes the economies of deployment and management of wireless networks. While supplies last, VARs can request an evaluation kit comprised of two D-Link 2555 access points and CloudCommand management service. These kits are available for a free, 30-day evaluation. VARs keeping the kit can purchase it for a 50% discount. 

CloudCommand at Work: Time Is Money at Fast-Paced Design Studio
Mann Consulting provides IT services to more than 150 companies annually, including one of San Francisco’s hottest graphic-design studios. Says Alex Mann, “CloudCommand makes us money because it saves us time. Deployment across multiple buildings is a snap and network management is intuitive and easy. We look good to the client because our onsite technician has much more time to focus on other issues.”

CloudCommand Alerts: Early Diagnoses and Quick Cures for Network Problems
Untangled Solutions, Los Angeles’ leading IT consultancy for healthcare, has been testing a CloudCommand-powered wireless network, and Joshua M. Smith, one of Untangled’s leading strategists, says: “I’m beyond happy with the performance and really appreciate the SMS alert feature. When there is a network issue, the access point immediately texts our engineer’s cell phone, and he fixes the problem from his desk before the customer even knows something’s wrong.”

CloudCommand Device-Level Security: “Good Business”
Craig Tarkenton, director of technical services for AugustaIT, says CloudCommand-powered access points redefine how much time AugustaIT needs to spend on routine management chores. “CloudCommand makes it dramatically easier for AugustaIT to install or remove a user device such as a new computer, printer or smartphone. I’m spending a lot less time on these chores and that’s good business.”

CloudCommand Deployment: Path to Increased Profitability
“DotUI is delivering the future to our clients today,” said Ishak Kang, CEO of DotUI, a leading technology integrator in the San Francisco area. “DotUI is bringing smart building solutions to market to better manage resources. We’ve moved far beyond desktop support and now manage a wide variety of devices for energy efficiency. PowerCloud Systems has eliminated the problems associated with unreliable and unsecure Wi-Fi, giving us a trouble-free infrastructure to build on with confidence.”

About PowerCloud Systems
PowerCloud Systems is the leading online software platform provider for enabling Networking as a Service (NaaS). Its CloudCommand technology provides OEMs and service providers with the most powerful and cost-effective path for adding comprehensive cloud capabilities to their new and existing networking equipment. Based in Palo Alto, Calif., PowerCloud Systems is a spin-out from PARC that is funded by Qualcomm Ventures, Walden Venture Capital, Javelin Venture Partners and PARC. For more information, visit

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