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Ishak Kang, CEO of DotUI in San Francisco, is an early adopter of technology solutions.  When a major hotel in Monterey, California, renovated its popular sports bar with cutting-edge entertainment technology, it turned to Ishak.  And Ishak turned to us for the access points.

“DotUI is delivering the future to our clients today,” said Ishak Kang, CEO of DotUI, a leading technology integrator in the San Francisco area.  “DotUI is bringing smart building solutions to market to better manage resources.  We’ve moved far beyond desktop support and now manage a wide variety of devices for energy efficiency.  PowerCloud Systems has eliminated the problems associated with unreliable and unsecure Wi-Fi, giving us a trouble-free infrastructure to build on with confidence.”

Announcing: The First Business-Grade, Cloud-Managed Wi-Fi Solution Built Specifically for Small- and Medium-Sized Businesses (SMBs)

Today D-Link officially announced its Breakthrough Wi-Fi Cloud Solution for SMBs.

The breakthrough product of course is D-Link’s DAP-2555 Access Point Powered by CloudCommand, our first commercial product on the CloudCommand networking platform.  The DAP-2555 became available last month, and from Day One user response has been incredibly positive.

Here’s the press release:

D-Link Introduces Breakthrough Wi-Fi Cloud Solution for SMBs

Powered by CloudCommand, Online Software Platform Delivers Affordable Business-Grade Wi-Fi to Small- and Medium-Sized Businesses

FOUNTAIN VALLEY, CA– D-Link, the end-to-end networking solutions provider for consumers, businesses, and service providers, today announced that it has launched the world’s first business-grade, cloud-managed Wi-Fi solution specifically built to meet the connectivity and security needs of small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs)(1). The new DAP-2555 AirPremier® N Dual Band, PoE Access Point powered by CloudCommand™ delivers a Wi-Fi environment with core business-grade features for a fraction of what traditional enterprise solutions cost, filling the product gap between non-scalable, consumer-grade Wi-Fi products and complex, expensive enterprise platforms within the SMB market.

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Atheros Adds CloudCommand to Wi-Fi Chipsets

From SmallCloudBuilder and reporter Matt Smollinger:

Atheros has bundled cloud-based management capability from PowerCloud Systems into its networking software platform, enabling cloud management for routers and access points based on Atheros chipsets.

Cloud managed routers are not a new concept, as Meraki continues to improve its cloud-based router offering.

However, Meraki’s products are relatively expensive and require an ongoing subscription fee. Atheros’ addition of PowerCloud’s CloudCommand technology will allow Atheros’ OEM partners to provide a similar, Meraki-esque experience.

CloudCommand will give smaller businesses management features similar to those enjoyed by larger enterprises using expensive, multi-AP management solutions. However, those systems don’t scale down to meet smaller businesses’ needs very well, which might have only a small number of APs to manage.

Atheros is hoping to change this by allowing OEMs to cloud-base multi-AP management and bring cost-effective and flexible wireless network management to more products.

Atheros + PowerCloud Systems = The First WLAN Chipsets With Cloud Management Features

Here’s today’s press release on the Atheros and PowerCloud Systems collaboration to add cloud management capabilities to Atheros’ WLAN solutions for small, medium and large enterprise networks:

SAN JOSE, CA–(Marketwire – 01/24/11) – Atheros Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ:ATHRNews), a global leader in innovative technologies for wireless and wired communications, today announced it has added cloud management capabilities to its WLAN solutions for small, medium and large enterprise networks. Through collaboration with PowerCloud Systems, Atheros is offering CloudCommand™ technology in its XSPAN® software development kit, which enables wireless access points and routers to be deployed and managed from the cloud with a web browser. This will accelerate the adoption of cloud-managed network devices and expand the opportunities for networking.

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2011:Year of the (Wireless) Cloud

Craig J. Mathias is a principal with Farpoint Group, a wireless and mobile advisory firm, and one of the industry’s leading visionaries.  His Nearpoints blog at Network World is must-reading for anyone in the wireless space, and today he highlights the rapid realization of cloud-based wireless networking.   For the second time this week, our CloudCommand networking platform is showcased as a leading solution on the cutting edge of an unstoppable industry trend.   A great way to finish the week!

With the primary differences between SMB and enterprise-class WLAN products essentially a function of management capabilities and scalability (and, granted, specialized features in some cases), think of the doors that open when the capabilities of these two classes of WLAN converge. Cloud-based management has evolved rapidly over the past two years and numerous implementations are now serving customers across the globe.

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Animated Video: Wireless Product Overview

Check out our new video!  It highlights how CloudCommand technology is powering D-Link’s DAP-2555 to deliver to small- and medium-sized businesses a cloud-based, business-grade wireless network for a fraction of what traditional enterprise costs.  Click the image for the video.

CloudCommand WiFi Overview

Many thanks to our talented media team at Demo60 for the animation.

You can see the video at our YouTube channel.


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Cloudy, With A Chance Of Networking

“If these system providers have their way, branch office networks will never be outfitted and managed the same way, and big dollars will be saved by those shopping for new solutions.” So says Network Computing and Lee H. Badman in an insightful posting about early 2011 happenings in the world of cloud-based wireless networking.

Wow, this is significant on so many levels.  We’ve been live only a couple weeks — and we’re already sharing the page with Aerohive and Meraki, two titans of our space!  Even better, they notice us.

Lee H. Badman, Network ComputingYes, PowerCloud is yet another contender for the growing cloud-based networking environment. But the differentiator is in the form of cloud-enabling firmware that gets baked into commodity-class hardware, as with the D-Link DAP-2555 access point. From humble consumer-grade roots, this access point gets bulked up with the CloudCommand operating system to become enterprise-ready and aimed at SMB customers ready for cost reductions that come from cloud management. The DAP-2555 is just the tip of the iceberg, as PowerCloud prepares to announce partnerships with well-known component makers that will provide compatibility with CloudCommand as an out-of-the box option.

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