ReadWriteweb Digging Our Enhanced Security Features

ReadWriteWeb is one of the most popular technology blogs in the world, known for offering insightful analysis about each day’s Internet industry news.  It’s also a syndication partner for The New York Times.  Recently, Klint Finley, enterprise reporter, covered our unique approach to security.  Here’s a taste:

PowerCloud and D-Link are planning to solve the problem with Individual Device Authorization (IDA). Individual devices will get a token to upload via a web browser to the wireless access point. That device would then be authorized to use that wireless network until the token is revoked. Tokens can be revoked in the event that a device is lost or stolen or an employee leaves an organization.

Eventually PowerCloud wants to apply this technology to other types of network resources, including network attached storage, databases and VPN connections, could work the same way. PowerCloud is working on a browser-based access control console that it hopes will make access control easier for IT.

For the time being, passwords will still be required for device or domain authentication. Getting rid of passwords entirely isn’t feasible, but PowerCloud is showing the way towards less dependency on problematic authentication methods. We look forward to seeing more innovation in this area.

About PowerCloud Systems
PowerCloud Systems is the leading online software platform provider for enabling Networking as a Service (NaaS). Its CloudCommand technology provides OEMs and service providers with the most powerful and cost-effective path for adding comprehensive cloud capabilities to their new and existing networking equipment. Based in Palo Alto, Calif., PowerCloud Systems is a spin-out from PARC that is funded by Qualcomm Ventures, Walden Venture Capital, Javelin Venture Partners and PARC. For more information, visit

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