Craig Mathias on PowerCloud and Cloud-Managed Systems

Craig Mathias is one of the leading wireless analysts working today.

Wi-Fi Planet recently asked Mathias and a handful of other luminaries for their perspectives on 2010 and their forecasts for 2011.

Mathias pointed specifically to PowerCloud as a company to watch and cloud-managed Wi-Fi in general.  Check out the nice things he had to say about us:

Mathias also sees management heading into the cloud, as computing and network industries embrace virtualization and look for new ways to exploit it. “Expect much greater cloud involvement–Meraki and PowerCloud are pointing the way here and I think [cloud approaches] will become very popular indeed. Virtualization and cost-cutting in general will remain hot topics in 2011 and beyond,” he predicted.

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Ken Presti: "Grab the Ball and Run with It."

Ken Presti has been studying the channel — in-depth — since 1996.  First, as one of the lead reporters for Computer Reseller News and later at IDC.  In 2006, he hung out his own shingle and founded Presti Research & Consulting. Recently, Presti dropped by our offices and liked what he saw:

PowerCloud’s Network-as-a-Service Offering Leverages Other Vendors’ Channels

A newly-emerging startup, based at the Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) is giving the industry new ways to look at networking, cloud computing, and even the channel strategies that would drive its services into the market.

PowerCloud Systems, which is backed by Javelin Venture Partners and Walden Venture Capital, is offering the deployment and management of secure networks, leveraging the rapidly evolving “as-a-service” business model to establish lower costs and ease of use. The current iteration is based on 802.11n wireless technology, and features an impressive level of self-configuration…

(G)iven the opportunity for channels to wrap the PowerCloud offerings into a comprehensive value proposition, I believe some of the key partners are likely to grab the ball and run with it.

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Alan Zeichick Pays PowerCloud a Visit. Appreciates What He Sees.

Alan Zeichick wears a lot of hats: editor of SD Times, analyst for Camden Associates, and he’s constantly behind the podium speaking before groups who can’t wait for his reports from the cutting edge.

Alan visited us here at PARC and was fascinated with our approach to security and how we’re creating amazing technology around our 10 patents.  Any tech review that leads with an existential musing is a must-read: “I’m having an identity crisis. Please feel free to join me.”

Alan provided some very kind words about CloudCommand:

Where Does Identity Live?

This thought occurred to me when meeting with PowerCloud, a Xerox PARC spinoff that’s building a cloud-based authentication system for small business networks. In effect, infrastructure devices like routers and switches are registered with the PowerCloud system, and are programmed to only allow authorized edge devices (laptops, desktops, smartphones, network printers) to connect to the LAN. It’s a clever system that not only improves network security but also simplifies network configuration…

PowerCloud @ Exchange Event, Texas

This summer, D-Link invited PowerCloud Systems to attend the 2010 Exchange event in Texas.

Pictured on the left is our very own Andrea Peiro, co-founder and vice president of product development and marketing, explaining a VAR the value of our amazing technology, CloudCommand.

Mann Consulting: "CloudCommand Makes Us Money…"

Mann Consulting is a leading IT services company in San Francisco serving more than 150 companies.  Mann is constantly tackling complicated projects, so we asked them to test our first CloudCommand product, a Wi-Fi access point manufactured by D-Link.  Here’s what Alex Mann had to say about his firm’s experience:

“CloudCommand makes us money because it saves us time.  Deployment across multiple buildings is a snap and network management is intuitive and easy.  We look good to the client because our onsite technician has much more time to focus on other issues.”

Computer Business Review: PowerCloud Systems Launches CloudCommand Software Platform

The news keeps coming!  Yesterday, we announced CloudCommand, the world’s first OEM cloud platform for network vendors.  Today, Computer Business Review, a leader in the IT press since 1993, covered the story.  Here’s a snippet from the coverage:

CloudCommand transforms vendors’ existing networking products into cloud-based networking offerings with integrated service capabilities, and help them expand their business models to include subscription-based service revenue.

PowerCloud Systems Announces World’s First OEM Cloud Platform for Network Vendors

Here’s our latest press release.  We’re thrilled to debut CloudCommand, our online software platform for network equipment vendors:

CloudCommand Empowers New Category of Networking Solutions

Today, PowerCloud™ Systems, Inc. announced the immediate availability of its CloudCommand™ online software platform for network equipment vendors.  With CloudCommand, vendors will bring products to market with enterprise-grade features and consumer usability for a fraction of what traditional enterprise products cost.  CloudCommand is also a way for vendors to expand their business models to include subscription-based service revenue.

CloudCommand Transforms Products into Networking as a Service

“Cloud services empower a profound change in business networks,” said Jeff Abramowitz, PowerCloud Systems president and CEO.  “In the same way that software applications are evolving toward web-based services, networking will migrate from an approach based only on equipment to a model that features web-based services.  This model is ideal for businesses that need enterprise-grade networks, simple management tools and affordable, pay-as-you-go pricing. CloudCommand transforms vendors’ existing networking products into powerfully simple, cloud-based networking solutions with integrated service capabilities.”

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